30 days of writing challenge — day 12: favourite tv series

2 min readOct 12, 2020


truthfully, i’m not that big fan of movies or series, but i do watch then a lot when i was younger (until now) and i’ve watched tons of them through anywhere. i didn’t know netflix and other streaming platforms were existed back then so i was always going to some illegal streaming websites and watch anything’s that available there.

when i was a teenager (i still am, just cooler now), i don’t have any specific genre of films that i truly like. i just watch ANYTHING; but back in my younger days, i was heavily influenced by tumblr. thanks to tumblr and my addiction to scrolling through the dashboard of my tumblr 6 hours a day non stop for around 3 years or more. tumblr was the place where everybody just looks so dope and incredibly awesome by just reblogging a picture of the sunset sky. i can’t really explain why but if any of you grew up and going through the tumblr phase you must be cool as hell now.

i do have my own favourite tv series, i’ll try my best to list them now because i mostly forgot anything that i’ve watched before.

  1. breaking bad
  2. skins
  3. attack on titan (shingeki no kyojin)
  4. chernobyl
  5. peaky blinders
  6. black mirror
  7. mindhunter
  8. sherlock
  9. american horror story
  10. the rest of my netflix’s list cause idk there’s a lot

each series has their own characteristics and it’s just mad that i could eat them all in one chew. you get what i mean? i’m down for anything, really.




living life through the city’s owned traffic jam at its best and skyscrapers hitting the polluted sky, but surely trying my best to survive. cheers.