30 days of writing challenge — day 15: if you could run away, where would you go?

image: from pinterest

some people may feel or pressured by how they think that they shouldn’t be where they currently at; it may be where you live, where you work, where you study, just basically where they at at the present time. i remember a quote i read from tumblr years ago, and it still stuck in my head until now. it says “if you don’t like where you at, move. you are not a tree.” and that is just… life-changing. sure, there are consequences and risks you’ll get by leaving your comfort zone, but it would also be one of the most memorable thing you could do for yourself. i’ll say it’s a form of bravery and it’s not that easy. it’s also an act of seeking yourself. running away from you are right now would bring you to lots of possibilities and chances you probably won’t get if you stay at the same place. it’s the best way on getting to know yourself. and if you ever regretted it, at least you’re not crying over the same thing at the same damn place.



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