30 days of writing challenge — day 16: someone i miss

2 min readOct 18, 2020
image: from pinterest

to be frankly speaking,

i don’t really have someone i miss right now.

maybe i miss my old self, my 13 year old me. things were way more easier that time. but not all the time. i’ve had my shares with depression and unlimited family problems, alongside my hard junior high school homework era and my struggles growing up. but on the other hand, i missed it so much. my junior high school era was probably the best school era i’ve experienced. my unforgettable friends, the school and their forbidden 3rd floor, the over-crowded canteen during lunch time, the 6-hour a day scrolling through tumblr every day routine, no men in mind, the inaudible screams when i look at my empty wallet because chill lol parents gonna give me more cash the next day, the stress i had when facing physics, chem and math in class, the fun and joy or tired sleepy eyes when the class is dismissed, and many many more…

i think many people would willingly agree that junior high school were the best part of the 12-years school journey. well, i don’t know about you but most of my friends thinks the same way. it’s like you’re in the middle of the game, but you’re a big person now compared to when you were in elementary school. you can go hang out with your friends now but you don’t need your parents to keep an eye on you. you can manage your pocket money, divide it by half for savings and for hang outs. but you’re not too stressed or pressed like how you were feeling during high school. high school were just.. boring. for me. or perhaps it’s just me. i’ve had my hard times deciding whether should i go up for college or not. if i decided to continue my study, there are also consequences alongside it and if i don’t then i’ll probably regret it later.

i felt like, me during jhs era were the era that i dig deep into myself literally about anything; music preferences, style of fashion, way of life, bucket list, passion & dreams, future life wishes and more that i am not able to elaborate.

what about you? what is something that you (currently) miss?




living life through the city’s owned traffic jam at its best and skyscrapers hitting the polluted sky, but surely trying my best to survive. cheers.