30 days of writing challenge — day 24: write about a lesson you’ve learned

image: from pinterest

this has been my life motto, my favorite quote (or sentences or whatever you called it) in the whole wide world since 2016. ever since i found this, i’ve been feeding myself up with positivity. i tried so hard no to let the negative thought crawling back to my mind. trust me, it was (and is still) really hard for me some times. because if you let negative thought coming in to your head, you will feel mostly pathetic, mad, depressed, any worst type of sadness and other emotions that will destroy your own self. sure, i have my own ups and downs at certain times, but somehow i always get to help myself back up and just.. be positive all over again. it has done me so damn good in so many ways and it just doesn’t affect me, it also affects my closest ones too. if you think it sounds so cliché, well, i don’t give a shit. just put your bad vibes far away from me, please.

and to think all about this again, the result is.. great. you will feel like you are developing into a better person than you were before. you will feel joy everywhere you go. you will feel happiness surrounds you ever single time.

and that’s pretty fucking awesome.



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