30 days of writing challenge — day 7: favorite movie

2 min readOct 7, 2020


image: from pinterest

when we jump into the movie talks and being asked “what’s your favorite one?” i’m a 100% sure that nobody could answer that instantly. i tend to write down my most impactful lines or conversation from movies that i watched and started imagining things so freely inside my brain, i’m positive i’m not the only one who does this quirky thing. or am i the only one?

we have our own types/genre of our likeable movie lists; and it’s pretty hard to just mention 1 movie because i have my favorite thriller movie, i also have my favorite rom-com movie, and my favorite anime movie, and so on. like, it’s so stressful to just pick 1!!! and to overcome this pressure i’m just gonna list down my 10 favorite movies of all time, and if you by any chance looking for new movie rec, try watching mine.

here they are:

before trilogy; before sunrise [1995], before sunset [2004] & before midnight [2013]

the shawshank redemption [1994]

grave of the fireflies [1988]

lady bird [2017]

spirited away [2001]

parasite [2019]

requiem for a dream [2000]

newness [2017]

monsters inc. [2001]

hereditary [2018]

call me by your name [2017]

yeah, you’re welcome. it’s a pleasure to help.




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