30 days of writing challenge — day 8: the power of music

3 min readOct 9, 2020


image: from pinterest

music; is a way of life. there are millions of human who make a living out of music. people listens to music every single day and we are not sick of it, i am not sick of it. never. music is (one of) a lifesaver, for me. there are times where i was hopeless and unmotivated to do my chores or basically, just me having 0 energy to actually move around the house. especially during this global pandemic, in which has been going around for more than 7 months. the desire to just be lazy and do literally nothing (other than breathing and surviving) just went uphill and we’re just so desperate for entertainment.

but when you add a song into your daily activitiy; it just makes everything so much better and easier.

i always imagine the world without music, like how bad that could be? life would be very boring and less exciting, i bet. music is some kind of.. magic. i don’t know if it sounds so exaggerating or not but that’s my own personal opinion; just because i did have my own experience with the help of music. music would be really helpful to set up your moods, you know? whenever you’ve had a bad day, just put on a song to make yourself feels better. whenever you’ve had a great day, just put on a song to make it way more better. whenever you’ve experienced an unwanted situation, just put on a song to make yourselves restful. whenever you want to celebrate something, just put on a song to increase the excitement. whenever you want to chill and just do nothing, just put on a song to make yourselves feel serene.

there’s a phrase (or an idiom) saying:

“a music to my ears” meaning something that is very pleasant or gratifying to hear or discover.

and i think that is very beautiful.

i remember the exact time where i was crying uncontrollably and when i turned on a song, everything else feels so blurry. it was just me and my tears and my depressing songs (playing on the background). or those (multiple) times when i was feeling down, gloomy and nothing excites me, the only thing that matters in my head was all those calming tunes and melody. or those happy days i had in the past (and present) where this ball of energy is filled up inside me and the rush of serotonin boost urge me to add my eargasmic songs into the playlist and just turn the volumes up.

it’s amazing how one, single, song could make you feels so much at one time.

wow, m a g i c. wait, do you think that singers are putting a spell on us whenever we listen to their songs? does that mean that singers are witches? we never know.




living life through the city’s owned traffic jam at its best and skyscrapers hitting the polluted sky, but surely trying my best to survive. cheers.