30 days of writing challenge — day 9: write about happiness

2 min readOct 9, 2020
image: from pinterest

if you notice, i wrote about ‘things that makes me happy’ earlier and it sums up as a list of meaningful single object. and if you realize, happiness is simple. it doesn’t cost you a lot of money and all you need is an effort to actually do it. well, but most things that costs a lot of money are also making you happy (and i’m not denying this one). and me, as a person who is quite extravagant, i did spoil myself a lot. but most of the times, i tend to be in denial when i purchased some (or more) useless unimportant things. i’d like to keep the “if this makes me happy then i think i should go buy it” mindset and it’s draining me (and my wallet).

other than spoiling my own self in order to feel happy; happiness can be found or gain in various types of way. it doesn’t always have to be; you wasting money on things. mostly it’s just the simplest types of happiness such as: listening to your favorite artist’s new album, walking your dog around the park, doing your daily yoga, watching cute kitten videos on youtube, included in the list of the upcoming pre-order of your awaited makeup brand, staring at the night sky by the rooftop, running to the beach and catching the pretty sunset, cuddling with your partner, hanging out with your family and/or friends, getting compliments for your hard work, et cetera…

dude, if i’m being frankly speaking; there are hundreds, thousands, millions, billions type of happiness and each soul in this whole wide world we live in have their own way. it’s like having their own music genre, their own playlist, their own safe space. now, if that makes sense…

but, one thing i know for sure that;

happiness looks good on everyone. and you glow differently when you are (purely) happy, genuine, filled with joy. and people would notice that and they’d love you for that.

being happy is easy, bro i’ll buy you mcdonald’s and you’ll smile. as simple as that. who’s with me?




living life through the city’s owned traffic jam at its best and skyscrapers hitting the polluted sky, but surely trying my best to survive. cheers.