30 days writing challenge — day 2: things that makes you happy

image: from pinterest

sunrise, sunset, a whole bar of chocolate, bucket of flowers, beaches, fully-charged phone, money, late night drives, coffee talks, tea time, girls night out, family gatherings, neutral tones outfits, foods (indonesian & a bit of western), sweets (any kind), swimming in a sea, musics, shopping, hair day at the salon, road trip, midnight stares at the stars & moon, real intimate talk with someone special, getting comments and praised on my uploaded selfies, quality time with myself, journaling, cats, dogs, beautiful dresses & gowns, extraordinary makeups, epic local brand products, fruits & vegetables, unplanned events, laughters with my friends, stickers, jewelries, pretty lingeries, water, writings, positivity, doing my yoga in the day —



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