an eargasmic song.

3 min readAug 28, 2020

eargasmic; [top definition | source from]
“music that is so unbelievably amazing to listen to.”


“when a song sounds so amazing that it gives you an orgasm to your ear.”
well, couldn’t agree more with both statements because, true.

today is another bad day for me, i have no intentions on actually doing my chores or purposely looking out for job vacancies. i just have no energy to do it and to be frankly speaking, i refuse to. it makes me feel bad in some ways but the fact that we don’t need to be productive every single day (especially in the middle of this pandemic) is understandable. it’s completely okay if the only thing you do today is breathing (and internally surviving). thanks to all the yummy foods that i bought when i was lit; my day is slowly doing better than the early morning.

each one of you must have at least a playlist on your own, filled up by your favorites songs just so you could listen to it anytime you feel like it. mostly to boost up your mood during your horrible times. you would listen to it several, hundreds, million times on repeat until you can no longer listen to it. to the point where you have the urge to dig for something else new and fresh and of course, vibing with you. but most of the times, it has a whole different scenario. you would just scroll through the internet and have some random strangers passing by your timeline and offer you their playlist. and to think that you’re always down for something new and looking at the lists is pretty intriguing. analyzing the artists and judging their titles and covers are the first thing i would do. not gonna lie, it’s a pretty fun thing to do because hey who are you to judge? but since no one’s complaining then i guess i’m safe.

i came across this one (underrated, or no?) indonesian artist that i never heard before through someone’s playlist. gave it a listen once, and instantly falling in love with the song and the style of this musician. it’s been 2 and a half hours and i’m repeating ‘crawl — cvx ft. noni’ on spotify. i’m absorbing the lyrics and dancing myself to it. it’s such a vibey song; the kind of song i will always fall in love to. the melodies, the autotunes, the voice of the singer (oh my god, such an angel), the rhythm, the waves, the lyric, everything. there’s literally no reason to hate this song.

my current state is getting better just by writing the feelings i gain while listening to this song. this song makes me feel so much at one time; positive ones, negative ones, wild ones, peaceful ones. i always thought that artists are some kind of a magician; they are able to make you feel things through their arts, without even explaining you the exact meaning of it. and if that isn’t one of the most marvelous thing ever. i always love this kind of sensation; the feeling of finding a gem in a pile of stone. something worth listened to and capable of doing magical stuff towards your being. i have no idea about you but that is exactly how i’m feeling towards certain things. and one last funny thing about a song you’ve put on repeat is; the more you listen to it, the shorter it sounds. and so you will have to put it on repeat again, again and again.

please give it a listen and you will understand what i’m trying to say.

dear cvx & noni, if you ever read this just note that i adore you guys A LOT now. keep making music, please. i would gladly let my ears intoxicated.




living life through the city’s owned traffic jam at its best and skyscrapers hitting the polluted sky, but surely trying my best to survive. cheers.