favorite part of my day: doing my skincare.

2 min readMar 2, 2020

as a woman, it has become one of my duties to always put on my skincare. every single day. it becomes a routine to our nowadays life. a habit that changes a huge part of one’s life and has become a global phenomenon.

cleanser. face wash. toner. moisturizer. essence. ampoule. serum. eye cream. face mask. sheet mask. exfoliator. lip mask. lip balm. scrubs. body lotion. sunscreen.

back in college — i was so busy studying and mainly hanging out with my friends — and truthfully, never did a skincare routine. i haven’t even started until my 5th semester, which means at the end of my college journey.

i was completely confused and i thought that my skin is all fine & perfect (at least that’s what my girl friends told me) even though i used to only put on an aloe vera gel [a very popular korean brand] as my daily moisturizer.

maybe the main reason of why we become really attached to it, is because of our surroundings and all these platform & sources that we are able to access through the internet or real life. all these reviews and suggestions through the social medias that are accessible to every single person on earth.

and why this thing could happened is mainly because, we (girls) find it hard to prevent ourselves from getting all those products. one day you’re all fine and living your life as usual but then your mind started to speak things like “oh hi how are you, here i have some really good and magical products for your sensitive skin and it works perfectly on everyone else and i think you should give it a try!” and you can not say no to it.

most of the times, we purchased all these products because of other people. i have been in the situations where i only did a 4-step skincare routine (milk cleanser, face wash, toner & moisturizer) back in college. but then as times goes by, i developed my skincare routine into an almost 10-freaking step which took quite a long time to apply. once you hit this stage, there’d no turning back.

but if we see this through logically, this routine is not harmful at all in the future. it gave our skin some development, and maybe cures their flaws bit by bit, have always made you feel happy (at least for me) whilst doing it in the day or night. i feel like it should be a part of your daily’s because, you should always take care of yourself. and for me, doing a skincare routine is a form of self-love. it is one of the top reasons that boosts my happiness and confidence at the same time.

so guys, do your skincare and do it continuously for the sake of your own being.




living life through the city’s owned traffic jam at its best and skyscrapers hitting the polluted sky, but surely trying my best to survive. cheers.